Erica Mixed

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These are evergreen, woody stemmed shrubs native to Africa and western Europe. The flowers are tubular-shaped and they will range in colour.
Genus: Erica
Plant type: shrub heather
Life cycle: evergreen
Hardiness: Fully hardy to frost tender, min 5C.
Leaf colour when growing: medium green
Leaf shape: linear needle-shape
Leaf arrangement: whorled opposite
Approx leaf length (cm): 1
Can be grown from: cuttings, seeds
Propagation: seed in spring for species or for cultivators by softwood cuttings, division or layering in summer.
Soil conditions: humus-rich, acid, soil (some species are lime tolerant), well drained.
Water needs: Moist conditions
Light requirements: Prefer an open, sunny position.
Cultivation methods: After flowering each year the plants can be lightly pruned to keep a bushy and compact habit.
Pests, diseases or disorders: Susceptible to root rot.
Interest and use: Grown for their flowers and foliage (the latter all year round). Suitable for coastal conditions.
Min pH: 4.5 Very acid
Max pH: 7.0 Neutral
Flower type: Racemes, umbels or panicles
Flower shape: Bell-shaped
Flower colour: white pinks purple
Size of inflorescence: Quite small (1 to 3 cm)
Fragrance: pleasant
Spring colour: medium green
Summer colour: medium green
Autumn colour: medium green
Min growing temp (C): 12
Max growing temp (C): 35
Min optimum temp (C): 18
Growth habit: prostrate compact bushy
Climatic zone: 11
Origin: Europe, Africa , Asia
Blooming time start: Mid spring
Blooming time end: Mid summer